All GOOD things, Come from Above!

David blessed God in full view of the entire congregation: Blessed are you, God of Israel, our father from of old and forever. To you, O God , belong the greatness and the might, the glory, the victory, the majesty, the splendor; Yes! Everything in heaven, everything on earth; the kingdom all yours! You’ve raised yourself high over all. Riches and glory come from you, you’re ruler over all; You hold strength and power in the palm of your hand to build up and strengthen all. And here we are, O God, our God, giving thanks to you, praising your splendid Name.

1 Chronicles 29:11 MSG

He can take all the hurt, frustration, loneliness, and start replacing it with HOPE!

HE did it for me. I know it’s a cliche, but, if He can do it for me?… I KNOW, He can for you. Just acknowledge Him, the way we have always wanted to be acknowledged, and just tell Him how you feel! About EVERYTHING! EVEN HIM! If your mad, tell him. Mad at Him? He WANTS you to tell Him! To be honest…as He will be with you!…but with LOVE! NOT the way some have been ” “honest” with us, just to be hurtful, spiteful….

Try it. He IS waiting for you to open the door to your heart. All of the love, anger, hate, distrust, the “dirtiness” we feel inside.

He already knows it ALL. It’s not for Him, it’s for YOU!

He wants you to get it out.. So He can Get it out. Promise.😊😉

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