Today is The Day!

Today is The Day!

“He who says ‘I can’t,’ and He who says ‘I can,’ are probably both right” =Confuscious

I’ve recently learned for myself, from my own experience.
The effect that I have on others, is the most valuable currency I have.

How will I serve the world? What do I have to offer the masses?
I can be kind. Help old ladies cross the street. isn’t that all that’s generally, always expected from most?
But I know, my God made me better than that. He made me PHENOMENAL! You were made “PHENOMENAL!.”

Do you know, it wasn’t just one sperm and one egg involved in the making?
It was 5 billion sperm in competition, to create ONE human being!…in a type of “warfare.”
And YOU made it!
I made it! Wow…

We are all, “Special.” Unique.

And when I first learned that “tidbit” of info?
I thought, “How dare I, ever, say I CAN’T do this or that”!
I personally believe, my maker, whom I choose to call God, knew before the creation of the world itself, that I would be that unique creation, created to do individual, meaningful work in my time.

He also just created the extra four billion, nine hundred, and ninety-nine additional “warrior” sperm, to show me just HOW special I am to Him, and to the rest of IMPORTANT Humanity!

My time and your’s is only a “Vapor” in contrast with eternity,
I Can do what it is I was created to do!
And I believe it is whatever drives me!
Inspires me!
Wakes me in the mornings! Where I don’t need an alarm clock!
My Passion wakes me!

This is my passion. Well, one of mine.

What is yours? What motivates you?

TODAY. It is The Day!

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