Love Is Stronger (Rough Draft)


A Man by TenA Man by TenA Man by TenA Man
A Man by … / Tgl4lgphrkbhausbqtyidh5ayza? T = FORGET_THE_PAST _-_WakeUpTime

                                      Chapter   One

I had just moved to Florida with dreams of being an ‘Actor,’ ‘Detective,’ and ‘Radio Announcer.’ I have Been all Three

I needed to get started NOW!…”Life was short”!

I was already turning Ten in a couple of months!!

So, I expedited the mail-order of my first “pistol” ( I remember it vividly today…) It was ‘Black Matte’, with a grey cylinder, and some “stupid”, red thing stuck un the end of the barrel.  I say it was a “silencer”. It came with a whole six-pack of “Caps”, in a plastic wheel which held the 12 “bullets”.

I found many a suspect behind those pine trees in our yard.  Also,  they would abscond to the neighbor’s yard… well, we owned their yard too!I

 Seriously, the two bachelors living in our rental property and working at Florida State Prison, (Where I was to begin my Law Enforcement career, at the age of eighteen.) were so gracious to give me my “assignments” each afternoon… (continued)

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