Somewhere INBetween

****An aside…This is the unedited version. It was sent prematurely…well that’s life . Read it anyway?  Love you guys!     


Then?…Love, AGAIN!

 Each MOMENT that we are “Given “… is “but a vapor”.
Any moment, could be the last, precious opportunity, we have to just BE… with one another. 

SHARE with one another! Let then really know …YOU!

No time for regrets!

The moments spent living, in…’regret’?…are the moments…wasted, where we could have been “using” THAT moment… creating… MORE, precious moments!

Each moment determines the next, then the next!

Next thing you know…all those moments? Turned into minutes…hours…days, months… years!

Do you get it?

I did. The hard way. The hard way, AFTER those wasted moments, that turned into 54 years!

YEA! I was BLESSED…with many a close friend! The Closest ones?…GONE!

And we wasted way too many a moment. Drunk. Angry after a night out arguing about only God knows. Yet we wasted years, just knowing “something” happened between us…

What!!!???… Why!?

It didn’t matter. YES, IT DOES!!!

But it taught me. “Live!…NOW!”

“Well, no one understands me.”

That’s all right. YOU do.

“I still see YOU” …See ME?

SEE, One Another!

LOVE, One Another!

ASK One Another!

Share, Care, Rejoice, Respect, and Most of ALL…LOVE and LAUGH…Share!…of yourself…

Until DEATH, do “your” part…

Don’t end up alone… regretting, mourning after those moments you STILL recall.


It grows and grows!…and it’s “contagious”.

Belly Laughs!

H. Bradley Colston                 
 (We All Hurt)             

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