“Love Is Stronger”


“Love IS Stronger”

Page 2 

I didn’t expect to see a car when I arrived in the front yard of our Mobile home. Dad, when he had retired from 20 years of serving our country, in the Navy, had purchased three new mobile homes. One for him, mom, my brother Kurt, my sister Constance, and myself for which to live. One, about 300 yards up the two State road, for my Grandfather, whom we all affectionately called “Paw Paw”, My Grandmother “Nannie”, and my Maternal Aunt Gladys. She was just “Aunt Gladys”…my BFF! (Though I’d of course, nor had anyone else heard that [articular acronym used during that period)LORD! I sound like THEM now! I am too young, to be so old! “I don’t wanna grow up; I’m a toys are…” Sorry…

I’ll introduce you to my family life later, But…first,I have to find them…

(Cont’d).        “Love Is Stronger”



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