Am I doing the right thing, or just missing the point?

Wondering. Praying. Contemplating.
When, and how do I get back to this project?

I am almost apathetic.

With all the things that have been going on here at home… that’s all I can think about and pray about.

I have no idea where to go from here.. I’m just waiting on the Lord to guide me and direct me in the right direction. The next step.

It was so easy in the beginning when I started this . I was living everyday in the spirit and could hear his voice plainly, and knew each step to take.

But the world gets in the way.

It is so hard to hear sometimes. It’s like static on a radio or television, and I know the only way to get back, is first, to listen and know, that all good things work for good… and he’s trying to teach a lesson. Depart more wisdom to share. Maybe for the first time, or, for the umpteenth time. Yet, there is always a lesson to be learned in hardship.

That is why He says in His word, to “count it all joy” when we “fall into divers Temptations”

What I know from experience… in the past and even so now, again. It does hurt.

Yet He will bind the wounds. Soothe the scars. All of it. If, we are a new creature in Christ .

I just need to keep my eyes on Jesus, and all of the noise, will slowly fade away.

He wants us to reach out to Him. So He can restore.

Then, we can reach out to others, and share the good news, of what He’s done for us.

He doesn’t want us to keep it to ourselves…to me that’s being selfish, spiritually.

I know He wants me to share my story. Yet, every time I start to sit down, as of late, and type with a half paralyzed,dominant hand, it’s not easy. Well, life’s not easy, is it?

I get frustrated.

I want to do it so badly in my heart…each day, I have so much on my heart that I want to say, in hopes it will touch, and may help just one, that is or has been, abused, neglected… You name it, and someone’s been there, and some are living to tell about it.

Of course, I have the daily duties I need to do around the house and elsewhere… that’s not easy either. Life… It isn’t easy…but He is…

He gets me through it…to live another day, and I try not to waste it. yet, lately I have. Sitting on my Pitty Potty..

This started out as just a ramble of thought, in my ‘Journey’ app. Maybe it will help someone out there to know, they are not alone.

I hurt for you.

I’m here. So is He.

Our maker. Creator… And He loves each, and every one of us.

I apologize to everyone that started out with me, and encouraged me… You gave me support. You know who you are, and I thank God for you . The site Will go on.

All I want to do is his will.

I feel for sure this project. The film, was, IS, his will.

I don’t have our Daily… our morning time together with Him as I used to.

The more I get outside this room, in the world… He just seems to fade and all I want to do, is be in His presence 24/7. Yet, I was before.

But, that left the physical world out. The very ones that need Him. His love. His forgiveness, and mercy. Hope. The entire reason for this calling…

I want..He wants… His people, to experience His love, forgiveness, Mercy and Grace… that he gave me after all these years that I thought knew him, living my life, that basically ignored him. To do my own will.

I have been feeling like I’m right back to where I was emotionally, with what I’m dealing with again.

I know I haven’t stated what I’m dealing with but I will soon…

Just know…

If you are experiencing any type of abuse or have in the past, any type of mental or physical pain, and or addictions, as I have in different areas… talk to someone. Please, write them! Write me! leave it in the comments!

Just speak to someone.

Maybe get counseling.

Whatever you need to do…but, do not hold it in, don’t hold onto it…share it.

Let It Go…or it will grow.

Anyway, this is where my heart is. My heart, as His… is to reach out to others…and love.

Love IS…STRONGER!Therefore, it can WIN!

Open up to it!

Share it!

We all need it.

If you’ve read this. I am praying for you…loving, through Him.

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