The following, is a literary version of my journal entry, in my ‘JOURNEY’ app. for…

Thursday, December 20 2018

Otherwise, a wonderful, sweet, Christian My Mother, that loves the Lord dearly, as it consistently shows, with, and in, any situation or difficulty.
A Sunday school teacher, or Sunday school director, all of my life. and most of, if not all of her adult life. Still helping, after 25 + years!… elementary, special needs students, at.the age of 83…going on 60 Deeply involved with the church and choir… anything to minister to others, and bring them to Christ,
She has always lived a life of integrity and character, beyond reproach. She is deeply loved by all who know her. I, having always been her number one fan.. Then…

I never thought in my life, I would be able to stand here today… and say, “Thank You, God!
I am alive!
I am alive because… of God and His infinite Mercy.
and the Grace of God through His Son, Jesus Christ my Savior. My Lord.
I should be dead many times over, yet, I’m not!
I’m still standing! All through His protection through His precious, sweet, Holy Spirit. His Divine protection.
And I will keep standing… on the Word of God and His promises.
I will not be ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, nor, will I consciencely quench the Holy Spirit of God, .any longer.

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