My apologies to my readers.

I Just reread my blog from yesterday, and was very embarrassed once again.

The grammatical errors and typos, not to mention words being misplaced AFTER proofreading before publishing.

Having had several problems and crashes with my network, I haven’t had the opportunity to post often.

When I feel strongly about something, and if I feel it may be helpful to someone else having been, or currently involved in the same situations I have. I use my phone app for posting.

Yesterday, I had to correct the same errors, including missing, or misplaced sentences and paragraphs several times after publishing.

Having thought all had been corrected, Upon reading it once again moments ago, I was appalled, as it looked as though an elementary student had written it.

I apologize, when someone reading my post, feel it’s not the place where THEY would get help. Though I must point out the reasons for this project, that I feel, God has given for me to share with others, empathy and hope, no matter how it is written, nor how it looks.

The goal is to relate experiences to others and let them know, I care. I’vebeen there. I want to be there for others. Others that yearn for hope and support from people that have been there. Believe me. I had no support, and very little now. But I do have a Mighty God, that has NEVER left nor turned his back on me. That is all the support and love I need. Yet, I am a human…just being human. We all need other humans for relations, through our common bonds. Love. Love IS Stronger than ANY addiction, hurt, whether physical, mental or emotional…especially by way of abuse.

For some reason, my premium ‘Grammarly’ was not working with my postings.

I have corrected the Grammarly situation, and hope to be able to post, concise, yet in-depth commentary and documentary

I assume the problem lies with my phone…

I’m praying my system is up and running soon, and in turn, a professional website to help offer love, acceptance, hope, and care to those in need of help for addictions, emotional traumas, and abuses of any type.

I’m praying also, for volunteers to help with my site, and offer “Email and Phone Counseling” very soon. God bless you and yours….

H. “Bradley” Colston

“Brad” 😇😎


Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers, as I work between my numerous visits with my Doctors and my test.

Than you so much,

H.Bradley Colston, Ceo, and Owner,

Love IS Stronger Life Organization

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