Saving Lives

I’m looking for someone to collaborate and help with the writing of my screenplay based on my life’s story, along with vignettes of other’s true-life stories, of heartache, rejection, abuses, (sexual and physical, and/ or verbal… which can be the worst of them all.) addictions, sexual ‘Identity Crises’, etc…. Yet, some of us, have come “through” the fire! Delivered, and wanting to tell our story, in hopes of helping others to make a stand….possibly even save lives around our planet. These difficult moments…times in our lives, that bring character. When we take ‘ownership‘ of our lives…and lead others, on to victory. Transforming their lives, living a life of a dream fulfilled. They just need to know, it is possible. “For with God, ALL things are possible, to those that love Him and are called according to His purpose.” Also, Philippians 4:13, also says, ” I Can Do All Things through Christ, who strengthens me. This is MY calling. To finish my book, and adapt it to the screen. The well-known music artist, whose music inspired the scenes in my mind, is going to be onboard, along with others that don’t even know it yet..😁😇. The inspiration to make the film first came from the Holy Spirit, and He has yet to steer me wrong. I was told a year in advance, that the musical artist that was mentioned earlier, it came to pass, that he and I would meet, see it from beginning to end. It is due to be completed by late Fall, 2021. Are you in the Industry? Do you work with such a genre of film, and are you feeling a gentle “tug” in your heart…because of a love for people, and seeing lives restored? In impacting lives, by the stories in this film, perhaps saving many lives… Are you a Screenwriter, Producer, Camera Operator, Grip, We can, together, help others live clean, productive, beautiful lives. A dream. I’ve learned, that life does not give us what we want, but what we are. When we were born, our families rejoiced. I want to live my life so that when I die, the world cries, but I rejoice. That is what my story is about. Redemption…my favorite word in any language. I have a real story, of true redemption, for the world to hear and see. Along with other’s stories… Helping the afflicted, addicted, beaten down and scorned. I’ve met them. Some homeless…like the sweet little lady in Jacksonville. Walks around mumbling, talking to people that are not there. Addicted, Severe Schizophrenia. Yet, come winter, when I and some of my friends would go find her, and put socks and shoes on her bare purple feet, walking in 31 degree weather… barefoot… in circles..all day, within a 2 blocks radius of her belongings, laying them on campus knoll, where she slept…sometimed…because she was once again raped, after being awakened from sleep, then hit several times, raped, then her shoes and socks stolen. She speaks, after being brought back into reality, by her few female friends, that deep love and for her. I care and can coax the stories from her, that she wants to be told. She will ask for nothing… but thanks you profusely, when you just give her a cigarette. So she doesn’t have to dig for “butts” in ashtrays we would buy her some now and again… Once upon a time, she was a Professor of Fine Arts, before… Getting out alive, and watching her husband and children, burn to death in a very tragic house fire. She will not stay with family. She has her pride. So she sleeps on the Campus lawn, where she once taught. ” Looking for angels passing by” If I can save. or help just one from committing suicide, murderous revenge, etc., and find redemption. Most, are there because they didn’t have, what I want to offer them. Hope. I’ve already seen lives changed and turned completely around. The antidote for it? Love., Grace, God’s mercy. His Love. It is shown through us. If you can help in any way, even to help guide me in a direction I need to go first, that I’m may be unaware, This is all new to me. It’s scary. Especially pouring your heart and soul to people you’ll never meet unless God wills it. Please write me, let me know. This is all new to me. But, it’s my calling at 54 years of age. It started 4 years ago. It’s my passion now. I wake me each and every day, waking early, going to bed late. Always having this project taking. more form in my mind. Who to call, write, meet.Your one of them. Can you do at least one thing for me? Encourage me, advise, and pray for me, if you feel it in your heart also. Thank you for your consideration, and your valuable time. Best regards, H. Bradley Colston

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