Free Conscious Thinking

Free Conscious Writ…”

The following is something I do on occasion. Yet, I have never , with the plan of publishing …

my “free-flowing” conscious writings.

When I saw where this one was going, I decided to publish, in hopes of helping others.)…

“Why is it, when I feel so many emotions concerning a particular subject, it ‘s just too hard to put it into words. My heart speaks it, yet it’s so hard to put into words.

I have pages and pages of things that have been on my heart, mind, and in my soul, that I’ve written down or at least put notes to paper, but tp publish?

Putting these intimate things…these feelings, out there for the world to see, is the hardest thing, yet the one thing, I long…need to do!

Though it’s cathartic, getting it off my mind, out of my heart and teling it from my soul? Scary, putting it mildly.

I’m always afraid of it not getting across to my readers. Worse. Boring them with ” my” life. There are so many stories.of the hurting, abused, used, and much worse than I..

I do want to say, that today, being ‘ Marin Luther King Jr’s’ birthday…I want to say, that I’m so grateful, even as a white Anglo-Saxon American with Irish roots…for the sacrifices, bravery, wisdom, and giving up his life before realizing HIS dream. Even so, he and the “Rosa Parks” throughout history, taught all of us to live, period. America still has a longer road to travel, individual journey in life, to finally realize Dr. King’s dream….his vision, to come to full fruition.

No one, but the Native Americans, are trruly Aerican by birth.

Americans. We all came from abroad. We all have different types of blood flowing through our veins, that keep our minds, bodies and hearts on this beautiful Nation “under God””, created by Him.

We should be thankful, loving, …no room hate any living person, or thin,g that God has put on this Earth….for it is all good in His sight! AllIi equal.

He loves each, and every person…

for He has made each and every person, along with a plan for each one.

. It is up to each person, to find out, by simply… ‘asking” our God, hour Creator” and lover of our souls! The reason you and I are here. THE answer”, to every human’s question…tfor a relationship with our creator. To Love” and “Be Loved.” by Him.

No room for fear. Where “perfect” love existl…ifeer cannot. Fear is ja liar, from the Father of lies, satan.

I’m not trying to put my beliefs on you, as “The Truth”.. But, He is. He doesn’t force Himself on anyone..

But, if you are like many others I’ve known. Good friends. Atheist and agnostics.

As I said,to each one..,

I asked at some point, in casual conversation,

“Do you wa WANT to “know”, without any doubt, nor reservation…once and for all, Willing, to accept the Truth”? It was always a resounding, ” yes!”

I simply said, “Then tell HIM. ”

Just say something like, “If what Hal has said, is the Truth.h, and you’re “for real”…. Will you show me, and make yourself real in MY life?”.

I PROMISE…HE Promiss, with a contrite heart, willingness, and Need for Him to be in, and guide you along life’s paths, through the storms and heartaches.

No matter what you’ve done.

Where you’ve been… Just ask Him for wisdom and knowledge of the ultimate “truth(s). “what is it that you put me here to do”? And if you truly want to know, from your heart, the Truth… and want to bring peace back to the Earth. Tto America. It starts with the Amercan family. The family starts with each individual member.

People talk of, and I even have the picture of Jesus, juxtaposed onto the American flag, with the caption ” B ring Him Back America”!.

The only way to “bring him back”, it’s through the ones that make up America, and that is the family.

As families, we need to communicate. Not just talk at, or to one another, but “with” one another.

Look at one another.r and speak… not texting from the next too.. not calling from your bedroom to the living room to ask your parents a question.

it happens in my house, and I say house because it doesn’t even feel like a home anymore…everyone’s nose is in their cell phones. Yes, mine too…

living their lives in cyberspace. God put us on this Earth and gave us our families to be a unit…United. And he put us together as families with a plan and it will take each and every person in each and every family, to find out…t what that plan is. What your passion is!

instead of the alarm clock waking you up in the morning, your passion should wake you up. My new passion wakes me up every morning. My passion puts me to bed.

I get up early and I stay up late… working on my passion. This is my new passion telling imy life’s Story and Other’s, to the Glory of God😇😎

And at 50 years of age, He called me to tell others about my trials, my battles, my storms. And the stories of others.

So when I’m going through the toughest times, fear does not stand a chance, when His love is where I stand!

I stand in his love! Fear, it longer…has a place to hide.

I am not a captive by the ‘LIE’ anymore!… and I

WILL NOT be shaken… I will say it AGAIN… Fear… no longer…stands a chance! Not in my life… because I’m standing in HIS love, and “where perfect love is…it cast out all fear”! God himself said that! Sorry, I get worked up a little, when I’m shouting at the devil! 😁

Where there is perfect love There Is ‘Power’ … Supernatual God given power…to break every chain in your life! Out of my life! Uh oh! I think, I may, be…preachin! Lol😂😇🤗

There is truly, from experience, time and time again, ‘Resurrection power’, He tells us in His word. As His children, He puts His Spirit, the same one that raised Jesus from the grave. He comes to live inside of his regenerated children…through Christ final sacrifice. Conquering eternal death, to life eternal in he

Power in Jesus name…by the sacrifice Jesus gave on that nasty cross, reserved for “the scourges of the death”, yet He never sinned but gave His life up willingly. Why? ONE reason. LOVE..

TO SHOW. HIS, and God The Father’s love for us, by sending His only Son, to DIE! It blows my mind to this day….THE Creator! Loves me? No matter what?

Wow. I’ll say it backwards…WoW! Any way…


.So WE don’t have to die…just pass through and from this life, directly to our eternal lives with Him in heaven. IF we believe, and trust..

I would be amiss, if I didn’t share the Good News too!

hI didn’t create this site to pour on my own beliefs. I just want you to know me. Every part of me.

And regardless, if your Aethiest, agnostic, hindui, muslim., catholic, or just a cat that’s sick…oh, that was bad.

I just want to tell about me, and get to know you through your thoughts, comments, opposing views. As far as I am concerned, we are family, if we have lived and made it through some of the same struggles in life. Lending itself mainly to fear.

Afraid to make any move or decision.

It has so many faces, And we, our mask.we’re not strong enough on our own he wants you to call on him he wants you to depend on him it doesn’t make you weak we already are weak is do our weakness his strength is made perfect for others to see and through him through his son that died for us just set us free from the sin and guilt that we were born with because of Adam and Eve and their choice to sin against God against what he head command did they not do the weird saved by grace now Christ died for us to the wind no longer have to worry about every little sin in our life but if we really love God we will not want to sin and if we do not want to send send he will give us the power to reject little lies banana me he’s lied to me my whole life and this is now my mission to tell others that they do not have to suffer like I did

Here. We take of our mask, without fear of broken confidence.

You can always email me. I’ll respond to all. In strict confidence. It’s time we get our confidence back, and live out our purpose.

We can always use volunteer counseling from those of us that have been there. Not that we don’t find ourselves back in a place we thought was gone and forgotten. That’s either because our decisions got us there, or we need to better learn some lesson, or a bit of knowledge we didn’t quite get the first time around…

I wish you, power, love, and truth…

Hal Colston

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