(Excerpt from my autobiographical novel. Basis for the film ” Love Is Stronger (Love Wins) [working title]                                             2


…As I stumbled off the dusty dirt road, like a monkey dragging its arms along the ground, I looked up toward the sound of the laughter…my head was pounding in the  front…it’s the nasty mouth kids next door. Laughing. Pointing at me. Hands over their mouths, as though trying to stuff their laughter with as many Bazooka Gum pieces as they could..it was a game we played.. It wasn’t working very well.

 We always had fun, playing together, more like getting into mischeifs together. “Why are they laughing at me?

Can’t they tell?” “Didn’t they see?” Why were they laughing, and not getting help? I Wondered. And wondered…and wondered…oh, yea…sorry! Any who. Help for what? I thought.

” Jesus?”  “What’s wrong with me?”, I asked as I tripped and fell, stumbled and fell, through the deep ditch, dividing the dirt road from our back yard.

Snoopy, our black Dachshund, was outside his dog-house, looking at me expectantly, wagging his pointy, long tail. Not  today Snoop’, I may have thought, but I seriously doubt I gave him more than a fleeting glance.

As I tried to hold my head and body up. I actually had enough presence of mind, to know why they were laughing. Because I was always playing jokes on my friends, acting as if something had changed in me, and I was from another planet. Pretending to be a Zombie, or just stare all of a sudden into space, actually being able to control the urge to blink for a while (that is if the wind wasn’t blowing much), as if in a “trance”, and not responding to the calls and shouts of my name. That was until…I slowly…turned my head…( not my eyes mind you…I was great at this, and only 10 years old!) and stare with my eyes as wide as I could get them. I would have a look of mean like you’ve never seen! Then!… I would “slowly”, step… after… halting step,… toward my “victim”. By the time I was in front of them, their eyes, wider than mine…knowing that they were really having to decide if it was for real! Man, I was good! And that was just the guys! You should have seen the reactions from the girls!

Ah, ten. In fact, I had just turned ten, when we moved to Starke. Had crazy friends, with crazier parents! And I mean, Crazy! That’s another chapter perhaps. My School bus had  the nicest, lady bus driver. Usually, they are mean. Remember?

 Picked us up, right in front of our house! Anyways, next door at my crazy friends, with the crazier parents, and Grandma! Even their dog was crazy. Crazier than them! I swe… I promise.

My Momma, taught me,  to  “..never  swear by anything, or anyone, (especially HIM)…to let my “nay” be my “nay” and my no be no! Something like that anyway.

So, yay!  That dog, was crazy!

 I once saw it “dirty“…(that’s what Mom and Dad told us to call it)…on the dirt road, between our houses? You know what he turned around and did?!…

I just stumbled off of the road, (and left the dog…ok. Never mind!…) and down, into the ditch and up, onto our backyard,  passing Snoopy (our dog?). He had much better manners and wouldn’t think such a thing! Besides, he was a “Christian” dog!

Anyways, I opened the front door…wait!

 I just saw snoopy…and blinked, maybe once, and I was in the front, opening the door. Weird.

Well it’s about to get a whole lot weirder! I Promise. (I’m allowed to “promise”, as long as I keep it.)

Better yet, it’s all true. Promise.

Yes I’ll get back to the CRAZY Dog…NOT!


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