“Bring Him … AMERICA?”

20181013005455766054a2ee647842232269686.jpgI have the picture of the U.S. Flag, juxtaposed, with the face of Jesus, over the American flag...              with the words “Bring Him Back, America!”.

I was looking at it again, yesterday,  thinking… of what that really entails…to “bring Him back”, would require a number of things, I believe


The individual, needs to take a long, honest look, at his own, ‘personal’, values, morals and beliefs.

Don’t wait

Then “share them” with your family and children, . By “example“.

If we TRULY, want Him back in ‘America’… then it starts with each individual, making up each individual family, to bring Him back into their lives…daily lives.

This transfers to our families, especially, our children…the backbone of our “America”.

The American family…teaching our children for Him…therefore, bringing Him “back” into our schools… THAT, was THE  “catalyst”, of Him being all but forgotten, by our families…by America.



Below, lies the names of two people, that taught, not only me, and my siblings, about “Him”… Jesus, “my families ” Lord and Savior”. The Messiah. They taught “countless others”, about Him…by their life’s example. That, “The Gospel of Jesus Christ”, I will NEVER, hide, nor be ashamed of, not apologize for Him.

With all due respect, to each ndividual’s belief system…that, “freedom of religion”…THAT  IS, what makes America… The Great Nation it WAS….I S…..and,  forever shall be.  But, only IF ” we, America, never forget Him; leaving our Creator…My God, out of the equation. Just ONE of our great ‘freedoms’, our forefather, believed in…leaving, as America’s “Greatest, most Important Legacy” of ALL.

“ONE Nation, ‘Under’ GOD- for Liberty, and JUSTICE…for ALL.”

For that, I will NEVER BE ASHANEF.

WE, took Him out. It is up to US, to “bring Him BACK”… starting in our schools.


H. Bradley Colston-

(Harold Isom Colston, JR.)

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