‘The Trauma of Transition’

“Our moral responsibility is not to stop the future but to shape it. To channel our destiny, in humane directions, and to ease the trauma of transition”

– Albert Toffler

I spent a majority of my young adulthood, in transition.

Believe me, those that haven’t walked in our shoes…actually, more like barefoot on a gravel, dirt road.                               “Painful”. “Traumatic”. “Lost”. Lonely.

That is why I want to follow God’s lead, in helping those caught up in the self-medicating of emotional turmoil from violence, abuse,  identity crises…the roots of addictions. Those, in the traumas of ‘life’ itself…to ease the “trauma” of transition from our own “private hells”, many of us have endured… Just doing our best with what we knew, at that time, to feel normal, in an abnormal world, just to survive. I used the plural of trauma, for there are many. As there are many roads we travel.

Some spend their lives, walking strange roads and highways, hoping that one day, we will find, that the one we are on, finally leads us “Home”.

Through my book, that I am still writing, and feature film, due out, late fall 2021.

I pray that first, it will bring honor to God…as our only hope, for the redemption and peace, of finally feeling like we, for the first time in our lives, are exactly where we belong….when we belong.

Had we never felt rejected, lost, alone…we wouldn’t know what it is like, to be…

Finally. “Home.”

That is my goal.

To help ease the traumas of addiction, identity crises, abuse…

As we learn to work together, to understand who we are really meant to be, and to know where we stand, and, our place in this world.

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