…REVELATIONS PART III (excerpt; from non- fiction story, “Love is Stronger” written by H. Bradley Colston, © pending.)

I opened the front door.

First thing I wanted was some kool-aid and my momma. I was scared. Of what though? Something was wrong, but she’d know…and I’d be ok.

As soon as the front door was closed, and I made sure it was…but why? I turned to look into the living roo, to where I knew my sister, brother, mom and dad, would all be gathered, watching our favorite after-school special…and my ‘bean bag chair’…I couldn’t wait to fall into it.

My head hurt so bad, and I was dizzy.

The room started spinning. Really! It looked like it, felt like it was., along with my stomach.

My bean bag chair. It wasn’t there! My mom and dad weren’t either. Nor were my brother and sister!

They moved out! Without me…because the furniture was gone too!

As I was turning my head back toward the door- for I had managed to make it into the foyer- I looked in true horror!

Wires hung from the wall, where the telephone once was! The one that I needed to call PawPaw on!

“Where had I been? For how long?”…, I thought.

The immensity of the whole situation was like falling into an abyss… still falling…no hope…then…


Suddenly I felt such an enormous feeling of safety, and calm. Yet, I still found myself crying. Scared. Lost. But, not alone.

Falling against the wall next to where the phone had been, I Looked up at the wires, and cried, “where are they Jesus?!” Instant, was His reply.

That moment, I suddenly remembered that we had moved months ago, into our house next door.

My dad was going to rent this one out soon, to the guys that would later, give me my assignments on my job as a detective.

I noticed my eyesight was now clear, and a warming calmness…a hug, wrapped around my skinny frame, as I walked back out the front door, only too see my mom and dad!

They were looking over toward me, grocery bags in hand.

I slowly walked toward them. This time, upright, steady. I felt the safety of God…love…”Home”. Yet, I didn’t know what to expect next. “Would they suddenly disappear?” I thought.

I approached mom’s side first, as she was closing the passenger side door. Still not taking her eyes off of me. Mom. Safety.

Dad was closing his door, eyes locked on me also. I began to feel their fear, as dad asked calmly, but with a concerned look in his eyes, as deep boroughs appeared in his forehead. The same look, in mom. Speaking of foreheads…mine, was still throbbing, suddenly bringing back some of the memories and fears, as I had stumbled, from… “where”? I thought.

” What were you doing next door”?, ad asked.

I looked at him…eye to eye. Safety.

“I don’t know”, I found myself answering glumly. I didn’t.

I was actually frightened again, but more so, embarrassed”. I didn’t like people to know when something was ever wrong with me. I don’t know why.

But, I later would certainly realize, I took after my mom, in that.

He then asked me, “Did Curt ride the bus home”? Again, ” I don’t know”, I sheepishly mumbled, hands going in my front pockets as if to hide something. I felt like I was!…but…”what“?

“HAROLD”! “He’s on drugs”!…”Someone gave him drugs“! , my mother screamed.

It actually calmed me, a bit. I knew that was wrong. And, THAT, was my mom.

That’s when my father, noticed dirt on my forehead. ” Hal, did you fall somewhere?” Again, a glum, but frightened, “I don’t know”!, I started to cry. I never like to cry in front of anyone “…realizing, I didn’t remember the whole day, except, who everyone was…


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