Watching Netflix’s. Series of. ‘ Quantico’.. It is very well crafted, written, subjugated plots, which even keeps me surprised, at every turn.
Someone did their homework well, on this suspenseful, and for the still young, and the “young at heart. .Sexy casting,…
and many a twist, comes out of every trist,among the .characters. Sorry. I couldn’t help myself. I love a play on words. Just don’t use them often, as a writer.

This show may bring back fond memories, as well as the best forgotten.
Nevertheless, you’ll enjoy the ride, at any age.

I’ve actually learned some hard lessons, that I wosh I had learned long ago, whem they would have been more of use to others, as well as myself.

Be Safe put there, Brothers and Sisters in arms.

Wish me luck , and if you’re of that persuasion, prayers would serve me better, on this new path…I should say mission, my ultimate “handler”, my God, called me on, I’m excited to share the God given knowledge, experiences, and wisdom, with those that are hurting, have been hurt, abused ,addicted….and just NEED to hear there is hope, from one who’s been there, is here, alive and well…

Thanks to God’s mercy and grace, and most importantly, His love, that is STRONGER than all of our fears and weaknesses…and yes, He CAN take your PTSD…AWAY
YOU….reading this right now. Ask Him, in Jesus name…Amen.

H. Bradley Colston

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