until my site is fixed again…. I’m going into my first “Fallow Time”… I pray I’m Posting, something that will help others, and possibly save a life? I hope the wording doesn’t change in ‘transit’ to my post page. I am told, thougjj, regardless of the browser I use I cannot go to my site it says it doesn’t exist I love is stronger life.org nor love is stronger life.com neither one of them my browser’s will go to cuz they do not exist yep when I post it pulls up my page and my sight long enough for me to see the post but usually it was post is not what I asked for recently typed so we’ll see my email if you can get to my site after notification is this if you get that see I did not I’m not taking it out but I did not like the word screw. LOL so it’s not funny to me no….”though”, it is not funny to me. There. Wow. Maybe this is what the Lord is doing…so as to “lead me”, to my ‘Fallow’ ground? I feel it is. I wish you ALL…Love…Laughter…and Life, in ABUNDANCE! AND MUCH TO “WRITE”…all that is ‘Wrong’, in His world, by “telling”… all that is RIGHT in it. H. Bradley

A “few”, of my “Favorite pages” , in one of my collections, on Google: https://www.google.com/save/s/list/HVgMZ9EjOQ6G1YktYJ7EKg

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