“I have never, felt so alone, lost… that I am losing my sense of God’s direction…”

I just reclined in my chair and put one of the many playlist…I made for you guys, BECAUSE, I have been there and HE ALWAYS, picks me up…always LOVES me… back home.

He orchestrates situations, when I’ve gone as far as I can with the crises with my family…startt living in my head…

I can NEVER express, how much… and you know who you all are… that have “lifted me up” before…talking and praying with me. I appreciate you guys so much. YOU, keep me going. YOU, are WHY, I do all of this…it has been the toughest, yet the best thing, I ever endevoued to do. I’m not afraidd, that I may be losing my faith. What scares me more than anything before…is that my faith?…It is STRONGER… THAN…EVER, and it’s my “calling”, to help as many as possible to get what I have been so “graciously” given, by God.

YOU are the reasons, that I keep going… YOU, give ME, the WHY and the REASON , that I NOW have the “purpose”, and the “passion” I’ve prayed for my whole…life.

Yes, I’ve accomplished many things in my life, yet they never last. Because, when I would get to where I wanted to be, I never had the “character”, to “keep” me there.

If I’ve learned, just one important thing in life, it’s that, perseverance… continuing to “show up”, even “through” my failures…which are necessary, to succeed…and “facing”, my fears, and my doubts. Persevering, through all the heartache, loss, and pain…builds “true” character.

If I had never known before… LOVE…GOD’S LOVE, Is… SO MUCH STRONGER, than ANYTHING, I could possibly go “through“, or even ever do…against Him, myself, or others. NOTHING, can separate us, from the LOVE…of God.

Once AGAIN, He…when I literally felt, that I had no one on my side, or even to listen, or care enough to listen long enough to understand what is going on inside, yet would they, or could they, if they allowed me to say… that I put yes ME, Hal Colston… Love Stands Waiting by Matthew West


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