NOBODY, is Listening!?

I’m writing this, moments, after leaving my Mother at home, whom I LOVE and Cherish, more than anyone on this planet, (it is killing me, even MORE, to speak of this publicly, for the first time)…She is exhibiting “narcissistic” tendencies,toward me. This started, after my father passed.

My website suffers daily, when I have avid readers and listeners, to the playlists…which, when listened to, are telling a story, as I put them in the order of how I felt… Meditated and Prayed about, that particular place and time… Then, how I came through it, with His Grace and LOVEBACK, to a place of peace, here.

He ALWAYS keeps me in perfect peace… which passes, ALL understanding.

Then, without warning, today, after a traumatic few days…losing the 5th and last kitten, only 3 and 1/2 weeks old…moments ago. Agonizing, after emergency visits, alone…with pressure on my spinal cord, causing muscle spasms, which was embarrassing. I still need surgery SOON, according to the Neuo surgeon.

I usually can’t drive in this situation, yet I did anyway, yesterday, all over town.

Nobody’s Listening


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