Someone once said will NEVER overtake me, if my ❴own❵ determination, is strong enough!” WRONG! KEYWORD? SELF. There
isn’t anything wrong with “self-determination”, when it is NOT, IN and OF, itself.
Self-determination, is a MUST, IF , we want to accomplish anything worthwhile… Yet it MUST be FUELED by our desires. Those desires? They have to come from something, or “someone”, GREATER than, our-SELVES!
The Root Discipline
comes from discipulus, the Latin word for pupil, which also provided the source of the worddisciple (albeit by way of a Late Latin sense-shift to “a follower of Jesus Christ in his lifetime”).
WHEN, they haven’t? Where have they (our OWN desires) gotten us in life?
Still reading?
Don’t get me wrong. I WANT you to believe in yourself!… As seen through our Creator’s eyes. Not just our own. He, knows us BEST. HE WANTS… the best, for us. But, ultimately, for Him.
He made us, for His, Good pleasure. Not as automatons… He gave us “free will”! Lock at the world…His World, today. Compare it to just two decades ago… The
changes you see, and may participate? That is the result of “free will”. He wants us to Love Him, because, HE , FIRST LOVED…US!🤔🙄
He wants what is BEST, for us.
I am not writing this, to preach, or even make you see things, MY way. As most writers, I just want someone to understand ME. Don’t we ALL, want that? But, it doesn’t work… Believe me, I’m JUST learning this, the HARD WAY. It doesn’t have to be so hard. And “Life”, wasn’t intended to be so… HARD.
When I quote from the Bible, it is because I believe some things are true, whether or not, WE believe them. I believe it to be the ABSOLUTE TRUTH.
And contrary to what others believe, who are stuck, because they read everything they can absorb, that man has written, on his own…From his own opinions, which usually have their roots, in other men’s own personal thoughts and opinions, which stem from…Well , I think you get the picture.
You may say, “Well, the Bible was written by men.” And you would be right.
The difference? It all was”inspired” soley by God, Himself. Not man. And as compared to other stories told by man, from man. They change over time. Revised, to fit ” today’s “political correctness”.
I’m a “Dependent”. No, I didn’t mean, “Independent”.
I am an American.With the “In God, We Trust” beliefs, of our Great Nations forefathers. Yet, I have a “HEAVENLY FATHER”, who’s done much more good, because of His ‘Mercy’ and ‘Grace’ (undeserved FAVOR), in my life, in one day…Than I could, or have accomplished, in my lifetime, when I tried going it alone. Being alone, though surrounded by people who care for, and love me.
We all have had that “feeling”, of being surrounded by people…friends…Family, yet, felt utterly, ALONE.
THATS what some call, “the God Hole”.
Once I “allowed” Him, after HE came “running” to me, though, I wss the one who was doing the running, from Him. He stayed. Kept me breathing…. until, I “allowed” HIM, to breathe LIFE, back into my “dry bones”. Now, I NEvER feel alone. Because, I CHOOSE, to See Him, in everything I do. And want others that have the “Human Condition”, to be healed from it, as I was. Then, even YOU, won’t be able to keep “Your Story”, to yourself. The Love, His Love IS STRONGER…Even in “our” weaknesses.
His word is not Democratic, Republican, nor INDEPENDENT. Not Democratic, nor Republican. But, “Dependent” upon Him, and His “Stronger”, and TRUE…LOVE.

Thanks for letting me “share”.

H. Bradley Colston

(I do love, and truly NEED
you guys, we need “one another”… because of, and capable only, by and through, “HIS” LOVE. His GRACE.)

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