To truly succeed, there are two points, that you MUST cover and you must…

I just read this again, and didn’t recognize the titl e at first…Because I had left out a few words. And the rest…Wow.

I wrote this on my phone, as it came to me, while I was waiting in my car, for my prescriptions to be filled…and it is still unedited.

I have to “discipline” myself, and pick my writing hours.

Ive just been working (writing) for so many projects, I’m realizing… I’m working too hard, and more than is even healthy, to give my best to each . I did didn’t edit this piece yet…My “human” editor, well, needs a “sit down”.

Besides, it will cause me, to to sit down. It just dawned on me, I’m standing up now…writing another excuse, and then, on to the next place I have to be.

I hope, it is going to be worth your time, after reading this dissertative “preamble”…

Published by H. Bradley Colston

l began this ministry, through the promptings of the Holy Spirit, to tell my story in book and film, to the younger generation, by sharing my testimony of having gone through the same struggles, that they themselves may be facing, or may encounter in their futures. T This site, was originally planned to show the progress and process of the vision of the film, I was given, and is dedicated to those that are lonely, hurting, and looking for “Hope”, in what seems like a “hopeless life”, in a “hopeless world”. That being the film's theme...based on my and other's, true stories... It was originally going to be based on the story of MY life, but God also, has other plans, that will now include your stories, along with those same feelings of despair, pain, and the misery, of loneliness and isolation, that comes with the thoughts and feelings, of "not understanding my place in this world". The feelings, of utter isolation, being or feeling neglected by others. Dismissed, misunderstood; possibly, the worst part, and feeling of all… "No direction…very seldom a turn". ...Except, for that little spark of…hope. It was the ONLY feeling. that allowed me, that occasional breath. That life sometimes, afforded . I found HOPE...THEN, the answer....OUR ANSWER... LOVE. And LOVE, has a name. His Name... is JESUS. (I would love to hear your stories, for possible inclusions for the Feature Film. Also, any questions, or concerns, including prayer requests.) Email me: God Bless You. May you find Hope in Him, today. - H. Bradley Colston

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