Some days, I am so afraid of showing this World Your Love.

Yet, YOU still said… (after many years of praying for YOUR WILL, NOT MINE)… You said, “GO”.

SO, “Here I Am…Anyway.”

( I know I post a lot of ‘Songs’ and ‘Playlists’, yet they all are songs that have literally “popped up” on my music app., or that I have heard on ‘K-love’ radio – Online

Either way, they have all been there at the exact moment I needed to hear them, because the lyrics, are exactly what I was feeling at the time, maybe even praying… not knowing what to pray, or just how to say it.

I truly believe, that the Lord, through His Holy Spirit, prompted me (Unbeknownstst to me), to be listening to the radio, at the very moment, that He KNEW, they would be playing a particular song, for my edification; some, for YOURS, either through the Website, Groups, and/or the ‘Soundtrack’ to ‘HIS Film‘, that He’s entrusted me to produce…me! It’s about my life and other’s, for YOU

The attached song, is one that He gave me, over two years ago, when I stood in my office, just thinking… doubts, as to whether or not, I could follow through with the film.

He had called, and anointed me, to do it…even with the lack of knowledge, the “know-how“, that I completely lacked. To find the professionals to write the script, and to guide me in producing a film of my life. And a few vignettes, of the lives of others, others who’ve gone through the ” birthing , we call Life… And the Love, expressed through us, guided by the wisdom, gained through the trials and tribulations we all face…some, to unfathomable degrees. Yet, through the Mercy, Grace and Love of God, we found The TRUTH, The Way “home and REDEMPTION, through the redemptive Blood of Jesus Christ…found, at the foot of the ‘The Cross’, willingly , He shed His Blood and died for our sin, and rose to life, again. All, so that we can have eternal life with Him, in Heaven. When we will shed our mortal bodies, and spend our new life, for eternity, with Him.

Now, the playlists? A miracle…lol😇

Thanks for letting me “Share”…

H. Bradley Colston


Email me @ loveisstronger@loveisstrongerlife.org

(Disclaimer: life.org, is an entirely, separate Organization/ entity. In no way affliated, with this Organization.)

Now, the song…

‘Here I am Anyway’…



Published by H. Bradley Colston

l began this ministry, through the promptings of the Holy Spirit, to tell my story in book and film, to the younger generation, by sharing my testimony of having gone through the same struggles, that they themselves may be facing, or may encounter in their futures. T This site, was originally planned to show the progress and process of the vision of the film, I was given, and is dedicated to those that are lonely, hurting, and looking for “Hope”, in what seems like a “hopeless life”, in a “hopeless world”. That being the film's theme...based on my and other's, true stories... It was originally going to be based on the story of MY life, but God also, has other plans, that will now include your stories, along with those same feelings of despair, pain, and the misery, of loneliness and isolation, that comes with the thoughts and feelings, of "not understanding my place in this world". The feelings, of utter isolation, being or feeling neglected by others. Dismissed, misunderstood; possibly, the worst part, and feeling of all… "No direction…very seldom a turn". ...Except, for that little spark of…hope. It was the ONLY feeling. that allowed me, that occasional breath. That life sometimes, afforded . I found HOPE...THEN, the answer....OUR ANSWER... LOVE. And LOVE, has a name. His Name... is JESUS. (I would love to hear your stories, for possible inclusions for the Feature Film. Also, any questions, or concerns, including prayer requests.) Email me: loveisstronger.lovewinsfilm@gmail.com God Bless You. May you find Hope in Him, today. - H. Bradley Colston

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