IF…I told you “MY Story”

If I told you MY story, you would hear about hope, that was the ONLY THING I had… to hold onto.

Without it, I wouldn’t have made it for  the 40 plus years that I have. Regardless, every moment, I would live through…AGAIN. Why?

Let me TRY, and tell you…
If I told you, “MY Story” ? You would hear about the same ‘Love’, that NEVER…that COULDN’T…give up on  me, nor EVER could,  on “untold numbers” of others.
I could, tell you about a ‘life’,  but it wasn’t mine.
It , was a life of GRACE…Much , MUCH bigger…and GREATER, than ALL…of “my filthy  ‘sin” “, (As I Saw it, anyway.) of ALL…my ‘transgressions’.
It would be about , when  ‘justice’ WAS served, yet where  ‘Mercy’…WON!!

It would be about the kindness  of …JESUS.  The kind of  ‘Kindness’, that kept…drawing me in.To Truthfully, tell you  ‘MY ‘ Story’, I would have to, and would  gladly,  tell of  ‘HIM’ and ‘HIS’.
If I told you my story, you would hear about ‘VICTORY’…OVER… ‘THE ENEMY’ !
I WILL tell  my story,And you’ll hear all about, freedom. Freedom, that was won for me, ON A CROSS.If I told you my storyYou will hear about a ‘LIFE’… My LIFE! , ‘Conquering  Sin and Shame , Only due to…’JESUS… freely, giving  HIS LIFE!  And…’OVERCOMING, The Grave’!
When I DO tell ‘MY Story’, I’ll be telling about…’HIM’.
THIS is my story….about, HIS STORY.
And on my knees… humbly , THANKING Him, my ‘SAVIOR’….all the day long, for dying, that I may LIVE!!!!
But, it should’ve been me!

Email: loveisstronger@loveisstrongerlife.org

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