“Change The Way You THINK…CHANGE your LIFE.”

One day, as she was driving to the store, another car went through a red light and smashed into her.

When she awoke, she was in the hospital with a mild concussion and complete memory loss.

She could still speak, but she had no recollection of any part of her past life. She was a total amnesiac.

At first, the doctors thought it would be temporary. But weeks passed and no trace of her memory returned. Her husband and children visited her daily, but she did not know them. This was such an unusual case that other doctors and specialists came to visit her as well, to test her and ask her questions about her condition.

Then finally, she went home, her memory a complete blank.

Determined… She wanted to understand what had happened to her.

She began reading. She read Medical textbooks. She studied the specialized area of amnesia and memory loss.

She met and spoke with specialists in this field.

Eventually, she wrote a paper on her condition.

Not long afterward, she was invited to address a medical convention. To deliver her writing, answer questions about her amnesia, and share her experiences and ideas on neurological functioning.

During this period, something amazing happened. She became a “new personcompletely. All of the attention in the hospital and afterward, made her feel valuable, important, and truly loved by her family.

The attention and acclaim she received from members of the med- ical profession built her self-esteem and self-respect even higher.

She became a genuinely positive, confident, outgoing woman!

She was suddenly, highly articulate, well informed, and very much in demand as a speaker and authority in the medical profession.

All memory of her negative childhood had been wiped out. Her feelings of inferiority were wiped out as well. She became a new person. She changed her thinking and changed her life.

Since God’s calling on my life, to tell my story, I found myself doing virtually, the exact same thing as this woman. I too, began studying about the things in my life that I realised, after reading my journals, meditating and talking with God about and writing about my experiences growing up.

I began changing even more in my thought processes. my “Self” esteem increased dramatically…. Realizing, that I was never meant to carry the weight…this cross my whole life. It wasn’t my fault! I didn’t ask, to be abused sexually, by an adult, that was responsible for his actions toward me!


Scottish philosopher David Hume, was the first to propose the idea of the tabula rasa or blank slate.

This theory…says, that each person comes into the world with no thoughts or ideas at all.

Everything that a person thinks and feels, is learned…from infancy, and onward. It is as though the child’s mind is a blank slate, that every passing person and experience leaves a mark on.

This, is what I have been learning, in my time with God… in contemplation and prayer. That is why, I have come to believe and try to impress upon, almost everyone I speak to, and even in my writings, that every word, and every action, has a lasting impact on everyone we engage…

Our words and actions, can either build up, or… TEAR DOWN a person. And quite possibly, a LIFE…”


The adult becomes the sum total of everything he or she learns, feels, and experiences, growing up. What the adult does and becomes… is the result, of this “early conditioning”.

Heed, this warming people,. Please.

As Aristotle wrote,

“Whatever is ‘impressed‘, is expressed‘ “.

Perhaps, the greatest breakthrough, in the field of human potential in the twentieth century, was the discovery of the ‘self-concept’. This is the idea, that each person develops a “bundle of beliefs” , re- garding one’s ‘SELF’. Starting… at birth.

Yourself-concept‘, then becomes,The Master…Program“, if you will, of your subconscious.… determining everything, you think, say, feel, and do.

For this reason, all change in your outer life… MUST begin, with a change in your inner life.That will become…your NEW, self…concept; a change in the way you think and feel about YOUR ‘Self’ and… YOUR ‘World’.

The child is born with no self-concept…at all.

Every idea! Every opinion! Every feeling! Every attitude and value you have…as an ADULT, you learned!

Better yet…you were “taught”!…from childhood!

Beloved, everything today!…is the result of, ideas…impressions…and LIES... Someoneor “The ENEMY of our souls“…developed, in you!And “you took it all in“…and accepted it ALL as “TRUE”!

When you believe some- thing to be true, it becomes true for you, whatever the fact may be.

You are NOT, what you THINK you are!

But.. . “What YOU THINKYOU ARE”.

My FRIEND, quit believing THE LIE!!! BELIEVE…‘THE TRUTH’.

Believe ‘The ONE’.

The One’… by whom EVERYTHING and EVERYONE, was Made.

Yes, even YOU … = ;0)

“In the beginning, GOD created… ❴You❵” ( Genesis 1:1 )

Thanks for letting me share this with you. Will you share this with others?

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Love…IS Stronger!

I “shared” in Part, The ‘true story’, about a woman, about 30 years old, married with two children. Like many people, she had grown up in a home where she was constantly criticized and often treated unfairly by her parents. As a result, she developed deep feelings of inferiority and low self-esteem. She was negative and fearful, and had no confi- dence at all. She was shy and self-effacing, and did not consider herself to be particularly valuable or worthwhile. She felt that she was not really talented at anything.

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