An answer to a private tweet…asking “…what is your hearts desire…for prayers…”

This past Thursday night, while talking with my mother and sister, I referred to that very thing… The Holy Spirit was bearing witness concerning certain things. It was in then, that I was told of your relationship to *(Name withheld for privacy) …whom my late father greatly admired, respected, and loved. Thank you, for answering God’s call on your lives. To answer your question…..     My heart’s desire is to continue answering the call that The Lord has put in my spirit; to tell of His Strength and unending, unrelenting love and compassion for his children. Through the collaboration with the writers the Lord has led me to, and to raise the money needed to pay these expenses, so as to finish the ‘Book’. The advances, as we progress through the book and the proceeds from the BOOK, would accelerate the monies for the working on the dialogue for the ‘SCRIPT’ and ‘FILM’, on His schedule..  (Which was, late FALL, 202,1 for the Film, But with the “Virus”, unless the Lord intervenes before January 2021.., filming would have to be filming. postponed But, this is His project and will be completed in His timing, in obedience to His commands.)   Through His work in my life…my ambition stands, to demonstrate to the world, God’s Redemptive, Saving Grace, and His Powerful influence throughout the years of my beliefs and tenancy in the lies, falsehoods, and myths originating from satan, concerning the origins of homosexuality. To reach the. Christians still caught up in the struggle for the Truth. I’ve had many a conversation with the men and women God put in my path and life, some of them, I have cried with, within the bars and clubs. The dens and lairs of iniquity. Those who grew up and out of the Churches that preached on the abominable sin of homosexuality and the hell reserved for them, instead of the abomination and sin that it is like the many other depravities and wickedness that are named in the Bible, that God hates.. Yet, in His Mercy and Grace and LOVE towards US, The SINNERS…plural. He LOVES the Homosexual, JUST AS MUCH as an ADULTERER, MURDERER, PROSTITUTE, etc..   I realize, that in the past when I was growing up in the church, a lot of the sermons were preached out of ignorance and fear of their own temptation and fears. I referring to the many other sins of the flesh, as well.   Many of these people are products of their own ignorance when it comes to God’s Word. Having accepted Christ into my heart at the age of seven, I believed that His Word was Truth, through and through. No exceptions. But, I knew that I didn’t and wouldn’t CHOOSE such a sinful, lonely and demoralizing lifestyle. Yet, it was as much a part of me as was the color of my skin. So, the lie, “groomed” into my head had made me “feel.”.   After the molestation and rapes, starting at the age of ten, before puberty, until the age of twelve, during puberty, the lies we’re deeply rooted in my life. In the life of the flesh.   Dealing with this conflict between my spiritual life and my fate of being something that I never wanted to be, nor ever felt, in my spirit, I was.. Destroying my dreams of a wife and children. Especially a son, that I would be able to take to his T- ball games and then Little League Baseball, fishing. All of the things that I was not able to do with my father, only because he was always overseas, serving his country, and in Vietnam, Saving the lives of the soldiers that fought for our freedoms to live our lives. He was my father. Becoming my best friend, as I was becoming an adult. He was a Godly man, that loved the Lord and lived in His precepts. Never lied, broke a promise…even a “maybe” or “We’ll see”, was always a yes. Twenty-five years in the military and never touched a drink or spoke an idol word. It seems a little incredible. He was incredible. Like my mother. Beyond reproach.     My own Best Friends seemed to esteem my parents over their own. That’s how I grew fighting learning to love the Lord Jesus Christ. Enough to keep fighting the battles within because I KNEW, the WAR… had been already Won! Like the millions of people, just like you and me, who are loathing the sin in their lives and needing to numb the pain… of the guilty shame that the world and their own conviction, has thrust upon them. Fighting their demons on their own…believing the lie, that they are hated by the world and by God, for their sins. To ever be accepted or forgiven, they believe the lies of the enemy,  that they have no hopes. No redemption. They turn to promiscuity, in hopes of finding love and acceptance…addictions, and other avenues of sin to numb the pain. I WOULD see my day of Redemption. Will they? I thank God for you and your prayers.   I stay in constant conversational prayer and praise… Working on myself and praying for others… taking time out, first thing in the morning, during the day and night, to quietly commune with God. Seeking His will, path and steps He leads me day by day in this task He has anointed me to complete, for His GLORY and my GROWTH. Gaining His wisdom that I yearn for more than breathe, to better understand His ways and equip me to reach the masses. (Six years ago, I had only heard of some of the beautiful and glorious things that He has in store for those who love him and are called, according to His Word. So many, I couldn’t have dreamed of, this side of Heaven. Thank you, Pastor, for your love and concern through Christ, concerning His work in and for His people. In His love, devotion, and work. H. Bradley Colston ( “Hal”) ‘Love… IS Stronger!’, Organization Online @          (Pardon the dust. Undergoing “Reorganization”) Email @

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