A “Good” Man?


FIRST of All

I just want to praise you...

For all you have done in my life; In my family’s lives… I “THANK YOU” from the deepest facets of my heart. You have been so good to me, and my family.

Yet, my family… Well, as You know, we haven’t been so good, to one another.

…” for in such a time as this”

…when WE, through the Love and STRENGTH of YOUR Spirit...

We should, be UPLIFTING and SUPPORTING one another

Being PRESENT in the moments. For we never know, just how manymoments we have left..


This may be stressful…and yes, “unprecedented” times. Yet, we each carry own different crosses and deal differently with all of these things.

But, whatever we are processing, or not processing, it’s no excuse for the mistreatment of one of our own.

Don’t get me wrong, but our family couldn’t have more love for one another; but during these stressful times, families should never speak in anger without thinking first. Which when I am consumed by anger, which is more misplaced hurts… old wounds.

God’s gift of rest, can do wonders for the disruptions in the family. We are more likely and capable of resolving the issues that have torn apart other families. We all need to get through this time, together. Through It all… TOGETHER.


In the end, it is all we have, worthy of being protected.

We should cherish them, and everyone else, important in our lives… now.

Not, after we lose a member of our family… Or friends,

As one of ours, my best friend and Father, already has.

Lord God,

So I may better serve You and Others… I humbly ask You to cleanse me, to heal me, and renew a right spirit in me, and in my life, so that I don’t act or live, as a hypocrite.

I never again, want to start living a life of regret, because of the way I have treated, or am treatinganother.

Change this man inside of me...

I long, to be a productive, influential, uplifting and motivating person, so as to be a blessing to my family… and to others.                    

Most of all, help me, with the task, of being myself.

Because Lord, You already know, and are the only one …who does kno what is in this heart of mine, that You, placed within me, the longing, to be a Man of God.

Who’s only passion, has always been...to be the man YOU created me to be. Not the kind of man the world wants, or expects me to be.

The Lord disciplines those that He loves. What father, who loves and wants the best for his children, doesn’t?                        

Father of Love,

I receive your correction. And I ask you to straighten me out, where I have been guided wrongly.

In Jesus Name,


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