My Prayer For The         WORLD 🌎 🌍🌏

Good Morning🌏,Evening🌎 Afternoon 🌍😉
I am Praying and Petitioning... that You and Yours, will be COMPLETELY and UTTERLY Well…  And,  those that are sick will continue Fighting the Good Fight. And will remain and Prevail, by SURVIVING this Crisis… without any LASTING difficulties.

“For, we KNOW,  this TOO... WILL…Pass.

EVERYTHING, we go “THROUGH” in life, we KNOW

that, if we fight the Good Fight, through PrayerBelieving… we Will get “THROUGH” IT!… Through THIS…



GOD TURNS… what the devil…MEANT…to be for evil, Turns It AROUNDFor OUR GOOD!

And To… and for, HIS… GLORY!!😇😆 


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