I want to take the time, to thank, the many of you, for encouraging me. And, to welcome a new reader, from whom, I have had the PRIVILEGE, of receiving several text from this lady, from across the globe, in the Philippines. You know who you are. I THANK YOU for your support and encouraging words😊

I wanted to encourage you ALL today, by saying… If you woke this morning… wherever you are… THANK GOD, that you are ALIVE, and that you are breathing.

KNOW, that you are capable of ANYTHING that you can dream of. I don’t think anyone… has a dream about anything.., a passion, in their Heart… that wasn’t put there, for a purpose.

Everyday, is another opportunity… that others, may not have. This LIFE, that you have been temporarily, given… to temporarily, hold on to… has more meaning… than you can possibly… imagine.

Never listen to anyone who tells you that you can’t do something. That your dreams… “they’re not possible, for you. ANYTHING, is POSSIBLE… if… we put our minds and heartsinto it. It may have to be “tweaked’ a little, to be done with the abilities that you may lack physically. But NOTHING, is LIMITED, in your MIND… and in your HEART. There is always a way.

With God, ALL things are possible. If He put that dream in your heart… in your spirit, He willmake a way… when there seems to be, no way.

I, have experienced it before… And AGAIN, I am experiencing it, now. What the devil meant for his own, evil purposes, in my life, and in other’s… God, is turning it around… for our GOOD ànd HISGLORY. Ànd He can do the same, in ànd for, your life.

NEVER… EVER… give up… on your dreams. Or, on your goals. But, you must… make sure… that you have set the goals needed.., to make your dreamscome ALIVE.

If, you don’t know how or where to start… Ask… The One… who put that dream, in your heart… to begin with, Ask… for Hisdirections.

If.., you believe, and if you trust in Him; “He is faithful and Just‘, to accomplish itin you.

Believe..,. in yourselves, and… in ‘The One‘ who made you... He is willing and able, to accomplish MORE… than you or I… could possibly THINK… or even IMAGINE.

3 thoughts on “Encouragement

  1. Yes God is good all the time. HE loves us unconditionally. Challenges in life are not punishments but it’s one way to better our lives, to learn and improve. Everyday is a blessing from God. People we meet in our everyday lives/ transactions are God’s people and they are gifts from God. Good day and keep safe everyone. God bless us all!!!

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    1. Amen Dorothy😂
      Yes… LIFE…IS a challenge.
      Each challenge that we FACE, builds our STRENGTH, and builds ‘CHARACTER’… GODLY Character. The kind that no-one sees… But God, and His host of Angels.
      Our World? It’s NOT falling APART…
      It’s falling… INTO PLACE✨✨💨😌💫👐🙌


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