After a very “uncomfortable” state of family and mind… I have neglected this website for virtually the last year. And for that, my heart is still breaking. Especially when I looked at the stats from last year, when I didn’t “write” much of anything, as saw that I had a readership, not only in the U.S.A. and Ireland, the motherland of my ancestors, but… EVERY COUNTRY on my God’s Beautiful PLANET. πŸ’”Save one. I’m so sorry for having such valuable insight and wisdom from my Heavenly Father’s heart, yet I didn’t have the mental fortitude, to share it, but a few times. I just thought that I had too much going on, that needed fixed and prioritized. I didn’t realize, until this morning, I have been depressed, also.

I wanted you to know that I will have help with the site and get it done right. And… Write, from my heart to YOURS.

Never quit. Things will get better for you. I promise. Just keep checking in each week and I’ll try my best, with God’s loving help, to give you priority, over everything else.

LOVEIS STRONGER… than any Fears or Worries. Fear… is a LIAR. It’s ONLY in our minds. It doesn’t… exist!πŸ€”πŸ˜…πŸ˜Ž


I LOVE YOU Guys in Spirit. PLEASE, send COMMENTS and a LIKE, if you read something that helps you.

I don’t think I had my settings, set correctly. There were never any comments., except in the ‘WRITERS COLUMN’…

I didn’t know whether or not, I was helping anyone. I felt THAT is why God placed me here. It doesn’t matter, if you are an Atheist, Buddhist, or what your belief system is. Everyone… needs Γ nd deserves and can benefit from love… IT IS… STRONGER…than all other emotions, combined.

I believe, that anyone, who has dreams of being anythinggreater than themselves, if it’s not made from… or out of in LOVE… it will not../work. If it does…it will not last.



Email Me@ loveisstronger@loveisstrongerlife.org

Thank you,πŸ™„ H. Bradley Colston

LOVE… IS STRONGER… than any Fears or Worries. Fear… is a LIAR. It’s ONLY in our minds. It doesn’t… exist!πŸ€”πŸ˜…πŸ˜Ž


I LOVE YOU Guys in Spirit. PLEASE, send COMMENTS and a LIKE, if you read something that helps you

This Site is under “RECONSTRUCTION”.

After I work on myself a little more, then, I’ll be better equipped to tell you , much MORE… “About Me”.

Just remember…                LOVE.  It IS STRONGER. Stronger than any of our fears, our worries, or, anything, less than… itself.

Fearis a LIAR.

It’s ONLY in our minds.
It DOESN’T… exist!😎


  …and LOVE,    Guys.

PLEASE, send COMMENTS and a LIKE, if you read something that helps you

We’ve all heard the… if your my age…proverbial, “If You Build It. They Will Come.”? Well, with the prompting God had placed in my heart, I “built it”, my first website. This one.

And one by one, they came. One, then, the other one, the first month. During the beginning few weeks, the site was a mess. Then, I read the profile of the first one to follow me, or my playlists. Each, with songs that I had been listening to for three be or more years. Each one, amazingly, telling another part of my life story, word for word. I would just”run across” them. Or hear them on K-LOVE Radio… which played 24 7 everywhere I went. That station was the catalyst to everything that happened from 2011 on . All of them, were lyrics to the exact state of, and prayer, of my heart.

The enemy, who had been trying to thwart my progress, by using my owin, loving Christian family, against me, or what I was called to do, though, moments after I with what God’s Word calls “evil imagings”, {insert verse}and my website was suddenly turned inside out, with whole passages in my writing, switched around or wordings and changing the meaning of, some important stuff that people around the world were looking to me for… I had no idea until this past month, that.. in 2019… without time to write anything, that had any worth or value regular readers, in every countr, on the Planet Save, for Greenland. Do they even have the internet? Maybe that’s what I was called to build… The internet For Greenland!

I’m kidding of course…

But not about no readers in Greenland… Can someone please give them a call!

I wouldn’t know where to start! Orwhere to find the money.

Ok. Believe it or not, this site was created, quite by *accident. (I’m assuming, you chose to believe that. Which it’s easy…It looks like an accident. I shouldn’t have been on the road, writing that day.

It was going to be a good way, my way, to showcase the progress and the process of what God actually did call me to do… To finish my autobiographical novel, ‘Love… IS Stronger.’ and produce the Feature Film, based on the book.

I had begun writing the first draft, to what at that time, was entitled ‘Frgmnts‘ (…of a life) I Know. It’s not a misnomer… in 1998. I was 34 years old. And in 2005, after writing many drafts. Rewriting and reediting.

To be quite exhaustive, I hated it. I hated writing. Not the creative process, but the hard, tedious work of actually putting it down on paper. It was painful, in the sense it would cause my hand to start cramping, even after just a few lines.

Now, with the advent of the computer for home use that was not over a thousand dollars… Mine… my first, was a ‘Color Computer 2’ by Radio Shack. Wow…

It went from painful to just plain tedious, to say the least. Hunt and pick. Hunt and pick… I was a self starter.

Now, the painful parts, were the recollection of memories that I would suddenly remember, or not have the nerves, to commit it to paper. After working on it for many years, much of it, was destroyed, burnt up with my childhood home. The first house we had actually owned. All the others we rented wherever Dad was stationed,

on that, later or in the book and film.

God had different plans, for… my story.

Get in touch!

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