Oh Lord show me what mattersThrow away what I’m chasing after‘Cause I don’t wanna miss what You have for me

When I wake up in the morningLord, search my heartDon’t let me stray, I just wanna stay where You areAll I got is one shot, one tryOne go around in this beautiful lifeNothing is wasted when everything’s placed in Your hands

Check out “To All of Us That Find Ourselves in the Battle ALONE…” – H. Bradley Colston


“Love Never Fails”



This is 30 days of Encouragement month, on “Positive and Encouraging” K-Love Radio. I’m choosing to encourage my Mother.
Still teaching after forty years, and greatly admired and esteemed by her community, my 84-year-old cherished Mother continues to develop the young minds of ESE children at the elementary level.
She attends First Baptist in Starke Florida, where she has been Sunday School Director, for over forty years.
She is always giving, wherever she sees a need. She buys nothing for herself, save for her absolute necessities.
I want to encourage her, because her husband of over fifty years, went home, to be with the Lord, just over 2 years ago.
He was laid to rest on Memorial Day, which was quite fitting since he was a War Veteran.
Dad served his country proudly, in the Navy for forty-one years, four of those, in Vietnam.
When he passed, my Mother was eighty- two. Though in appearance, dexterity, and sharpness of mind, she still passes for sixty.
But, as seen in numerous cases, when a spouse, primarily a husband, dies, it can have a drastic change in the dynamics of the surviving spouses’ life. In essence, it seems as though, her life as she knew it, is declining.
I plan to encourage her with more compliments, flowers, without being transparent.
I aspire to be there for her more, whenever needed. She is certainly, deserving of so much more.
Who can you encourage this month?