Oh Lord show me what mattersThrow away what I’m chasing after‘Cause I don’t wanna miss what You have for me

When I wake up in the morningLord, search my heartDon’t let me stray, I just wanna stay where You areAll I got is one shot, one tryOne go around in this beautiful lifeNothing is wasted when everything’s placed in Your hands

He’s Still, Writing ‘My Story’…

Every time I think I have the ending for a “chapter” in my life and possibly my manuscript, or at least seeing a direct path for it to take, so the next chapter God has in store can begin, something happens. Sometimes adding more inspiration and excitement to my life, therefore my storyline, or it is something so dissimilar to what I thought was the direction the Lord was taking me, that it sends me in a downwardly spiral emotionally. It makes me even question whether or not God is really in this. Then, God waste no time, as I go to Him in prayer. Praising Him for what He’s already done and confirmed since anointing me to finish the book and to write a script, for a ‘Feature Film’

He confirms His anointing, once again.

He has lead me to His professional hand-picked and anointed…fine Christian writers, editors, and publishers that He guided me to

…How can I question Him now?

Yet, Every time I find myself questioning His call and then Him giving me more inspiration to share with others … Something or someone, throws me the proverbial “curve ball“, and my spirit fails me. Keeping me from even the energy to write what He’s given me to share.

It hurts me NOT to write… CONTINUOUSLY encouraging and offering the same hope God gave me. And share it with the very ones, who are finding themselves exactly where I have lived. Yet… “He delivered ❴me❵ from all ❴my❵ distresses”.

Though other circumstances may come along, causing new, distressing and even more heartbreaking situations, if I will just trust Him again, as I did before. He can deliver me, or at least, go with me through all my storms and uncertainties.

Besides, He is still writing “my story”.

He’s STILL writing ‘Your Story too…

(As I was writing the last few paragraphs, the following 4 songs were playing back to back, on Klove radio…

They’re not only fitting for this Post, they happen to be my favotite top 4 songs…Telling my story.

My first?

1. Love is Stronger

2. God’s not done with YOU, Yet…

3 I’m just a NOBODY…

4. I give YOU control…

…of course 😎)

Thanks for letting me. Share.

H. Bradley Colston

Email me @ loveisstronger@loveisstrongerlife.org

“Love Never Fails”


How Do YOU measure YOUR self-worth?

Resilient. Brave. Adaptable. Driven. Compassionate. Kind. Loving…

These are the REAL THINGS that matter about us. And acknowledging what makes us us, only helps us to better navigate the exhilarating “I’m crushing it” highs and the face-palmy lows

We have to throw out our external measuring stick and instead look inwards. That means making our self-worth less about what we do and more about who we are.