He’s Still, Writing ‘My Story’…

Every time I think I have the ending for a “chapter” in my life and possibly my manuscript, or at least seeing a direct path for it to take, so the next chapter God has in store can begin, something happens. Sometimes adding more inspiration and excitement to my life, therefore my storyline, or itContinue reading “He’s Still, Writing ‘My Story’…”

How Do YOU measure YOUR self-worth?

Resilient. Brave. Adaptable. Driven. Compassionate. Kind. Loving… These are the REAL THINGS that matter about us. And acknowledging what makes us us, only helps us to better navigate the exhilarating “I’m crushing it” highs and the face-palmy lows We have to throw out our external measuring stick and instead look inwards. That means making ourContinue reading “How Do YOU measure YOUR self-worth?”