‘Love IS STRONGER!-SOUNDTRACK/DRAFT’ (Permissions Pending)

A Film By H. Bradley Colston(Coming SOON!) https://open.spotify.com/playlist/3VxoNEf3aBQxlkxyn3KIa5?si=fg9zEOESSOCtKrvIzMSzSQ


When I first heard this song, I had just had one of what has become almost a daily battle over words spoken in anger.

The words we say out of anger, can be… some of the most LETHAL and many times, PERMANENTLY… DAMAGING WORDS… EMOTIONALLY DAMAGING. The WORDS we SPEAK to an OTHER.

These words, most times, will be played over and over…  on a never ending, looping recording in our heads.

Each time played, we add MORE MEANING, to EACH WORD Spoken. Many times, IRREPROPROBLLY…DAMAGING.

This damage, usually due to the adverse weight and meaning, we give to each word spoken… Damaging our many times, already fractured psyche… Forevermore.                           Untiil, one day, that irreproproble damage, is so hard to hear… Each time, adding much of our OWN meaning to what’s been spoken,  and HEARD on that tape, one may even take drastic measures to STOP the tape. The tape, they can no longer take.

Let’s THINK… BEFORE we speak…WORDS we may not even have meant. But could mean everything to the ONE spoken to. One day, ending a LIFE.

Or, we could CHOOSE Words that Give LIFE to another. CHOOSE Carefully.

Oh Lord show me what mattersThrow away what I’m chasing after‘Cause I don’t wanna miss what You have for me

When I wake up in the morningLord, search my heartDon’t let me stray, I just wanna stay where You areAll I got is one shot, one tryOne go around in this beautiful lifeNothing is wasted when everything’s placed in Your hands