Oh Lord show me what mattersThrow away what I’m chasing after‘Cause I don’t wanna miss what You have for me

When I wake up in the morningLord, search my heartDon’t let me stray, I just wanna stay where You areAll I got is one shot, one tryOne go around in this beautiful lifeNothing is wasted when everything’s placed in Your hands

“Love Never Fails”


“What do you do…?”

What do you do, when every morning, after spending hours, quietly listening to the Lord, there’s so much in your heart, burdens for others… The same “others”, for whom  I started this website.

The “others” that are hurting, lost their hope, or never had any to begin with and need someone who has been there…

and found, that the elusiveness of love, hope, peace…is not so elusive. Someone just needs to show them… The “Way“. Just a reprieve, from the daily struggle…just to take a breath.

This song is for those….Most of us, who are struggling for that occasional breath.


I have so much in and on my heart to give them… To write. I just can’t find the strength, due to the heaviness of my Heart. Does this even make sense.?

Yet, like now, I find myself so overwhelmed with the thought of even one person, that may be going through, just a portion of what I myself have, and want to write words of hope, and encouragement. Most of all, to let them know, they are NOT Alone., and they ARE loved…That I freeze, not knowing where to begin. I guess this is as good a place as any.

But, everytime I sit down to write these words, they are just as elusive to me, as the hope, love and REDEMPTION, so many of us have found, or are still…searching.

With some of my own demons, still trying to get a toehold on my life, especially when the things I am feeling for the ones that are out there, still suffering,or just beginning to… as I once was, from the aftermath of sexual abuse, PTSD, Generalized Anxiety, Panic Attacks, addiction and other pains in life, that so many of us suffer in.silence, because we’ve no one to confide in… feeling that cold, stark, feeling of isolation and loneliness.

Most, isolated from, and by, society,. Others, isolating just to survive. Or to protect and keep from hurting friends and “loved” ones, all because they love “differently” than the “rest” of society.

Confused, because it wasn’t a choice that they could or did make.

Some, feeling isolated from the God they love, through their relationship with Jesus Christ, since they were a child. Yet, because of what they grew up hearing in the many sermons, from the pulpits of the churches they’ve been to with their families., making them want to crawl under their pew.s

Feeling God Himself, has his arms folded and back turned, to such an abomination. Only hearing “they” are an abomination, not the sin. The muxed messages they get, is that they are bound for hell. Nothing about how they are loved dearly by God. Their sin is what God can’t stand. It has Never been them, but sin…any sin. The same sin, every other member of every Church has in their lives. Yet, they All, can be forgiven. He lives AlL His Children! He wants the Best, and has a plan, for everyone who trust Him with their lives, through the Redeeming Blood if His Son, Jesus.

Love…IS STRONGER…than any words, thrown haphazardly, from some of the pulpits, and some of the “other” sinners in our Churches.

“For All have sinned, and fallen short, of the Glory of God.”

I just don’t feel Strong enough to do this alone, what God calls us all to do…LOVE.

Thanks for letting me “share”…

In His Love, H. Bradley Colston,     

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(These songs sum up how I’m feeling….They just “happened to be playing, as I was typing this.)





Here is the complete Playlist of songs related to my story and the Feature Film God has called me to produce. Due in Theatres, November 16th, 2021

Playlist By: H. Bradley Colston


IF…I told you “MY Story”

If I told you MY story, you would hear about hope, that was the ONLY THING I had… to hold onto.

Without it, I wouldn’t have made it for  the 40 plus years that I have. Regardless, every moment, I would live through…AGAIN. Why?

Let me TRY, and tell you…
If I told you, “MY Story” ? You would hear about the same ‘Love’, that NEVER…that COULDN’T…give up on  me, nor EVER could,  on “untold numbers” of others.
I could, tell you about a ‘life’,  but it wasn’t mine.
It , was a life of GRACE…Much , MUCH bigger…and GREATER, than ALL…of “my filthy  ‘sin” “, (As I Saw it, anyway.) of ALL…my ‘transgressions’.
It would be about , when  ‘justice’ WAS served, yet where  ‘Mercy’…WON!!

It would be about the kindness  of …JESUS.  The kind of  ‘Kindness’, that kept…drawing me in.To Truthfully, tell you  ‘MY ‘ Story’, I would have to, and would  gladly,  tell of  ‘HIM’ and ‘HIS’.
If I told you my story, you would hear about ‘VICTORY’…OVER… ‘THE ENEMY’ !
I WILL tell  my story,And you’ll hear all about, freedom. Freedom, that was won for me, ON A CROSS.If I told you my storyYou will hear about a ‘LIFE’… My LIFE! , ‘Conquering  Sin and Shame , Only due to…’JESUS… freely, giving  HIS LIFE!  And…’OVERCOMING, The Grave’!
When I DO tell ‘MY Story’, I’ll be telling about…’HIM’.
THIS is my story….about, HIS STORY.
And on my knees… humbly , THANKING Him, my ‘SAVIOR’….all the day long, for dying, that I may LIVE!!!!
But, it should’ve been me!

Email: loveisstronger@loveisstrongerlife.org