“Love Never Fails”

Love Never Fails.Perfect Love takes away all fear….

” I REFUSE…to stay quiet; do nothing, and act like everyone and everything is alright.” Another Playlist by: H. Bradley Colston

“I refuse to allow ‘The Enemy’ to have his way with my family anymore! But what can I do? I’ll just keep making my stand, fighting on my knees?.”

” I STILL believe”… in YOU”. Playlist by… H. Bradley Colston

“My Neice and ‘Me’ (Sister’s Daughter)” – 1998 Graduating Cuma lauded “Bible College” (after only 3 years; Dean’s List(every Semester )- B.S. t t p s : “My Family, Friends, Pets, Photography…” //play.google.com/music/playlist/AMaBXynIyvlDRNhespRkUKAOSjbRAWB2dQIlcBFSk3rzMWtrOGs1ig9jc4HPp48gBYwrCto98AkqVcCLlm15GpIYCNdfjcT9YQ%3D%3D