“Love Never Fails”

Love Never Fails.Perfect Love takes away all fear….

“What do you do…?”

What do you do, when every morning, after spending hours, quietly listening to the Lord, there’s so much in your heart, burdens for others… The same “others”, for whom  I started this website. The “others” that are hurting, lost their hope, or never had any to begin with and need someone who has been there…Continue reading ““What do you do…?””

IF…I told you “MY Story”

If I told you MY story, you would hear about hope, that was the ONLY THING I had… to hold onto. Without it, I wouldn’t have made it for  the 40 plus years that I have. Regardless, every moment, I would live through…AGAIN. Why? Let me TRY, and tell you…If I told you, “MY Story” ? You would hear about the sameContinue reading “IF…I told you “MY Story””


Lord, Most of my life, there have been…SO MANY…walls between You and me Lord. I am so sorry. I had so many things happening to me…emerging inside of me, that I was much too young to understand…much less, process. These things. These Lies, and enticements… They pursued me…right into the dayspring of adulthood. “Straight” [?]Continue reading “[YOUR] Love IS STRONGER…”