Love Is Stronger… “My story”. A small part…

¶The following, is a literary version of my ‘Journey’ journal entry, for…-

Thursday, December 20 2018

I never thought in my life, I would be able to stand here today… and say, “Thank You, God!
I am alive!
I am alive because… of God and His infinite Mercy.
and the Grace of God through His Son, Jesus Christ my Savior. My Lord.
I should be dead many times over, yet, I’m not!
I’m still standing! All through His protection through His precious, sweet, Holy Spirit. His Divine protection.
And I will keep standing… on the Word of God and His promises.
I will not be ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, nor, will I consciencely quench the Holy Spirit of God, .any longer.

Which I have found myself, doing at times when I am afraid something will sound too sensational, or unbelievable…

But you know what? God IS too sensational, and unbelievable for our finite brains.

God is GOD. And I, am NOT.

As I am writing this, I. realized, that the story on the Investigation Discovery Channel that I had previously been watching, had changed to a story of two, young teenage girls, that were best friends on a basketball team, then, slowly started becoming romantically involved.

This took me back to the main Crux of my story, my testimony.

It saddens me everytime I hear a story like this, especially about young people. recalling what it’s like, to have that realization. It’s a lie, that you’re too young to process, even as a Christian, And love is the strongest emotion of all, and it’s god-given. And that has always confused me.

That, is the root cause of all the angst, and turmoil in this, my story.

But, I stand on the word of God and his promises, his precepts, and his Commandments,