“Love Never Fails”




Some days, I am so afraid of showing this World Your Love.

Yet, YOU still said… (after many years of praying for YOUR WILL, NOT MINE)… You said, “GO”.

SO, “Here I Am…Anyway.”

( I know I post a lot of ‘Songs’ and ‘Playlists’, yet they all are songs that have literally “popped up” on my music app., or that I have heard on ‘K-love’ radio – Online

Either way, they have all been there at the exact moment I needed to hear them, because the lyrics, are exactly what I was feeling at the time, maybe even praying… not knowing what to pray, or just how to say it.

I truly believe, that the Lord, through His Holy Spirit, prompted me (Unbeknownstst to me), to be listening to the radio, at the very moment, that He KNEW, they would be playing a particular song, for my edification; some, for YOURS, either through the Website, Groups, and/or the ‘Soundtrack’ to ‘HIS Film‘, that He’s entrusted me to produce…me! It’s about my life and other’s, for YOU

The attached song, is one that He gave me, over two years ago, when I stood in my office, just thinking… doubts, as to whether or not, I could follow through with the film.

He had called, and anointed me, to do it…even with the lack of knowledge, the “know-how“, that I completely lacked. To find the professionals to write the script, and to guide me in producing a film of my life. And a few vignettes, of the lives of others, others who’ve gone through the ” birthing , we call Life… And the Love, expressed through us, guided by the wisdom, gained through the trials and tribulations we all face…some, to unfathomable degrees. Yet, through the Mercy, Grace and Love of God, we found The TRUTH, The Way “home and REDEMPTION, through the redemptive Blood of Jesus Christ…found, at the foot of the ‘The Cross’, willingly , He shed His Blood and died for our sin, and rose to life, again. All, so that we can have eternal life with Him, in Heaven. When we will shed our mortal bodies, and spend our new life, for eternity, with Him.

Now, the playlists? A miracle…lol😇

Thanks for letting me “Share”…

H. Bradley Colston


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(Disclaimer: life.org, is an entirely, separate Organization/ entity. In no way affliated, with this Organization.)

Now, the song…

‘Here I am Anyway’…


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I Wish I had heard this when I was much younger…I hope it gives you HOPE!… HAL

Spoken Word…inspiration


From My ‘Journey’


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A non- profit organization).

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Phone: 11 35.228.12743

This site started as a catalyst to the film, the Lord ( If “religious” talk puts you off…dodon’t let it here, because I’m not “religious” Not a zealot.)

I believe in a mighty power, much greater than myself. It’s a good thing, due to the narcissistic traits I learned from a parent; I knew God was Gid my whole life…I also, I think subconscuently, I thought I was one of the ” non-stupid” being on the planet. Yes, my “stuff” didn’t stink. Neither did my feet, I’m being serious.here…they didn’t. I saved a lot on antiperspirant too. You think I’m joking? Well, it helped, the fact I hardly allowed myself to break a….what were they called again? Yea. Sweat. I.hated to sweat. Unless I planned, or knew ahead, only if the job required breaking one. I’m still talking about “sweats” here…/ back to my calling…

The Lord, put in my spirit, on my heart and mind,, in one, single moment, so as to bring others to a unwavering belief in Him and His love for humanity…He wanted me to write a book, and, blowing me away (I had already been working on the book for years, waiting for the ending.., to, happen?)

He, God, in case I lost anyone. I tend to go on tangents…wel, He wanted me, or I should say, that

He “showed me”, along with, many of the scenes, and the songs from the playlist He gave me, (Please, stay with me. I promise to tie this all up, with, understanding. I almost said

a ‘bow’… Ok…

In all seriousness….

Other’s stories, and my own, were to be told on film. His desire was, in the film’s vignettes of several individuals, and families, for him to demonstrate His great love, and awesome POWER, the deliverance of those in the bondage, and ravages, of sin, and from the lies told them, by the “father of all lies”, satan. The adversary of God. The enemy of our souls.

The Bible says in ” Satan comes like a roaring lion,, seeking those he may devour. He comes only to steal, kill, and destroy. Look at our families. Our nation under God”That, is satan’s goal. Especially towards *The Children of Gid.”. Through a film featuring His STRENGTH, being shown Perfect, in my weakness. And the miraculous deliverances, along with the character’s families. and the same, yet different, circumstances.

I finally realized… believed…, that no matter, I could not change in my own strength I just looked where that lead. My ways had “taken” the best of me. What He had intended me to be.

I was too broken and weak in spirit. That is when He ran.. straight to me, wrapped His loving arms around me. Hugged me, and He went to work… 😂

I was Born Again when I was seven, and remember it clearly, along with the hunger and thirst I had in my heart. At seven!

Yet, I I never understood, nor lived a life of Grace, and Mercy. I was Saved by His amazing Grace, yet I had yet to fully understand what He really did for me at Calvary. I had never lived a LIFE of Grace… Always thinking God stayed disappointed, even, mad at me.

In Him, by what He willingly gave… on a filthy cross over 2,000 years ago, on a cross, that was always reserved for the scourge of society. Yet, He had done nothing wrong. He just LOVED. So we could LIVE.

That shows, how I NOW KNOW…Love IS Stronger!

….It was to showcase the film’s process, progress. Butt first, and foremost… showing the Lord’s Love, Strength, when we are at our weakest. Guidance, Grace and mercies, new, every day!

I…He, wants you, to write to me, with YOUR Story, of His marvelous Grace in your life. We’ll read and pray over each one. Asking for the stories HE wants to be written into the film, so others too may experience the Love and acceptance, and Saving Grace of Jesus Christ in their life.

The stories depicted in the film “Love IS Stronger” (working title) will be

dedicated to the Hurting, abused, in any way, neglected hopelessness. Showing hope through interactive groups, counseling, if not anything, but a “sounding board”, for some.

We could use only $1000.00 to get through February 2019, in expenses, as to improve and train, ones like ME…to continue to learn ” the ropes”, so to speak, regarding the building and maintaining of the website.e

Please, even one dollar, only as the Lord leads you to… would help with what is becoming a Ministry

Thank You,

H. Bradley Colston, President

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Write “film” in the ‘subject’ line, please. .

9email: oveisstronger.lovewinsfilm@gmail

May God Richly Bless YOU,