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“YOU’RE the ONE!”.

There are two points, that you must cover, and you must do, in order to succeed, in any Endeavor. Any venture. Any writing, or blogging. Whatever you want to do. Whatever your dream is, you must cover these two points or you will not succeed. Guaranteed.

First, whatever your dream is, it has to align…has to align with your core values. if it does not it will not succeed. You cannot give the strength or have the strength it needs to propel that dream, Forward!

Where do want to go? What is your game plan? You’re the scriptwriter. You’re the one. The one who decides which direction to go, and how is it going to help others improve their lives. If you want what you have… just keep doing what you’re doing.
If you want something different, you have to, do something different.
You may have to get away from “toxic” people. “The Naysayers”.

Secondly, If your core values do not align with your dream or your endeavor…what you want to do, you must find something else that you’re interested in. Yes, I said, you must find something else. Drop it. And find something that aligns with your core values. Not just an interest What is your passion. What wakes you up in the morning? Alarm clock, only to hit the snooze button? Eventually, you will not need your alarm clock, much less, that snooze button. If you are into your passion, you will automatically wake up…early, after going to bed late. YOU, “can’t wait”, to pick up the next book. OR, your writing tablet or laptop. You want to read more… listen to more, perhaps audiobooks, I listen to 2 books simultaneously, at times. Don’t ask, how…it just works for me. Get on your laptop…learn! Increase your knowledge base. Find out everything you can, about your passion.
If you’ve worked on that passion 4 weeks…months, or years, and you failed, good! Look back at your game plan. Find what didn’t work, and do it differently, by increasing your skills, knowledge. No one has ever succeeded, truly succeeded, that did not experience some failure, at least once.
Your failures, are for you to learn from. Take a course, or get that degree you’ve always wanted!
Failure is meant to teach, to learn from and to propel you to that next step…and Beyond. Whatever your dream. It is possible.
Go! What, are you waiting for.
Afraid still? Fear is a LIAR. He doesn’t exist, except when you create him, in your MIND…
GO! YOU Can Do It.
Trust me. I am an expert at letting fear stand in the way of my progress.
I became a Radio Announcer, with my own radio show at 15! I was panicking big time, during the training, knowing in a few months, thousands would “cling to my words”, waiting, some giggling, rubbing hands together as they listen for me to screw it up. I believed that!
I didn’t get to train for months, but days. Two. Then I was thrown to the wolves!
The first time on the mike, my trainer, and friend, “Thank you God”, behind me, I reached up on the board. Flipped the Mike switch to the opposition, and felt true terror, as I looked at the ” on air” light…knowing I HAD to speak up immediately. Dead air for a second, could get a reprimand, or fired, for 5 seconds.
Guess what. I spoke and jumped, almost falling off my stool as my voice echoed over the headphone…my volume up loud. Too loud. I was terrified but knew this was a dream I had had since I was 10. I only pause to take a breath, for 1 second, while my friend and his girlfriend, placed their hands on either shoulder…making me jump… AGAIN!BUT, I continued, with the fear still there, along with excitement, joy, and accomplishment. That was what propelled me to keep going while making mistakes, but as I did, I excelled, listening to instructions and learning what not to do, or how to do it better. I taught myself…training, improving my voice, my diction. until I was told I had a call, that came through the managers office, while volunteering at the church station, my best friend and his friend, an engineer, the three of us conceived, built, and the call was from the manager of a Radio Network, that had hundreds of stations across America, and he had been listening to me for a few weeks…said I had the most perfect diction, he, had…ever…heard. I made it, because he offered me a job as a manager and having my own, new radio station to manage, direct, and produce from. In another state!… and it would require my traveling all over. Malls, and other venues, without having met me…but going by my character, according to my manager at the church station, where I was volunteering… knew him well. We met, we talked, as FEAR, came walking in…my mind. I invited him. I didn’t feel worthy. I was just 18, and it would take me away from a huge group of friends I had…at the “club”. Besides, I would not live up to the task. My true colors would show, that I, was not as good as they thought I was. -(By the way, the church station is now syndicated by, K-LOVE FM 88.3. HUGE market!! My Only station I listen to…)-
I later learned this is called, “perfectionism”.
I sabotaged virtually, every job I had after that, within a few years, or only, two or three, right about my 90-day probationary period ended. One was a
Fortune 500 company, and before my 2nd month, I had the highest reviews in that program, in fact, three in a row. Even offered a position as section Supervisor… then, even though I loved the job… putting all of me into it, the ‘panic attacks’ started.
Almost daily.
I would turn around in the parking lot after just arriving, and call in. Causing for panic, anxiety…as I drive back home and would just lie in bed. the rest of the workday. I would feel guilty if I started relaxing at home and wanted to go somewhere. So, I would sleep until 5 or 6 pm.
I felt as though, I was a phony, and they would soon find out.
That was just insecurities from childhood…being abused by a neighbor, at 9 years old…along with all the
Baggage, I was aware of, some not…

Your right. We all have something in our younger years. You deal. We deal.
That brings me to my point.

I finally, was determined to self teach. Anything I could learn about. Documentaries, History. Books. Audiobooks. Film dissection, which was, I thought, a bad habit, due to my knowledge, skills in acting, and film writing.
Yet, by God’s mercy, and amazing ‘grace’… here I am. I’m alive. I made it through all the fears. Through all the heartache and joy
… with that exact “calling”.
I heard His call. I had to go! Glad to go…knowing, I had nothing, not anyone to contact at the time. My Dadd, had just” passed”…I knew everything was going to be taken care of!
So far, I haven’t had to come up with any plan, because the ways, and means, keep coming to me! allelujah.
I just had to want to. To listen to, pay attention to,
Yet, the chains have fallen off of me. No insecurities. Why would I have any now? This, is God’s idea, and plan, for me, in my life, for HIS GLORY…NOT mine. It’s my story, yet most importantly, and foremost…it is for HIS…Glory. His strength. In my weakness…perfect Love, “casting off all fear”. Love…IS Stronger😇 His Love, for Us.
Listen…then, take a step.
If that step leads to the next step, then on to the next, and so on.
fear? Do it “Through the Fear”. 😂
It will go away, quickly. You’ll see🤔Promise. You’re the one!

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