God’s Love through The Saving GRACE of JESUS CHRIST.

This was a live service for young people at Arenas across the Nation.

Sharing Christ love… No MATTER THE PAIN, THE SINS, STILL… The Cross has Made YOU…FLAWLESS!💥💫✨🌟💨🌈💪🙋🚶🏃💃👑👰


‘Love IS STRONGER!-SOUNDTRACK/DRAFT’ (Permissions Pending)

A Film By H. Bradley Colston(Coming SOON!) https://open.spotify.com/playlist/3VxoNEf3aBQxlkxyn3KIa5?si=fg9zEOESSOCtKrvIzMSzSQ

” I REFUSE…to stay quiet; do nothing, and act like everyone and everything is alright.” Another Playlist by: H. Bradley Colston

Much of the time, whenever I have the time, between my own “battles”, in which I’ve been facing over the last 3 years…