Lord, Some days, I am so afraid of showing this World Your Love. Yet, YOU still said… (after many years of praying for YOUR WILL, NOT MINE)… You said, “GO”. SO, “Here I Am…Anyway.” ( I know I post a lot of ‘Songs’ and ‘Playlists’, yet they all are songs that have literally “popped up”Continue reading ““HERE I AM, ANYWAY…””

I Wish I had heard this when I was much younger…I hope it gives you HOPE!… HAL

Spoken Word…inspiration https://play.google.com/music/playlist/AMaBXykbrjT1s0mtupiUhyn2KgJlEzIpchs7U0XlSzBrdPXkdwn05c2q01G71qmOgKZAgh7p_1gjvRANi3xngbgbwzMpJqOQpw%3D%3D